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Waking Up

HEAD-1Open the Door

The mouth is the door of the mind. The mind is the host of the spirit. Will, intention, joy, desire, thought, worry, knowledge, and planning all go in and out through the door. Therefore they are governed by opening and closing, controlled in their exit and entry. Opening means speech. Closing means silence. Speech and silence, should be harmonious. End and beginning should be correct.

From Thunder in the Sky, the master of the Demon Valley translated by Thomas Cleary,.

Do “The Work.”

I wrote this to explain in simple terms what George Gurdjieff, Pyotr Demianovich Ouspensky and Maurice Nicoll were talking about in their body of knowledge which is called the 4th Way and referred to within those circles as “The Work.” None of what is written comes from any oral transmission, nor is it sanctioned by any organization or group. It’s my own interpretation drawn from the writings of these authors and from my understanding of esoteric thought as presented by Jiddu Krishnamurti, Rudolph Steiner, and others whose ideas are powerful and in a way, electrified.

It might be Daunting: Not!

Now, electricity is used everywhere but very few people understand it, and among those who do, often even the experts disagree as to how it’s created, what it is, and the direction it flows. What they do agree upon is its power and ubiquity. At the date of this writing the fixed idea of the sun being a nuclear reaction is being questioned and replaced by a type of transformed electrical plasma. My role in this writing is similarly to act as a step-down transformer.
The ideas encapsulated in the 4th Way Work are extremely powerful, extremely difficult to understand, and they are life changing. The books “Search for the Miraculous,” and “The 4th Way,” by Ouspensky are 396 and 444 pages long. The “Commentaries” by Nicholl is five volumes and 1800 pages. It is pointed out that to understand any information one must read it three times. This is a lot of reading and may be quite daunting.

The Whisper Game

As a kid we played a whisper game. About twelve of us sat in chairs in a circle and the first one was given a saying to whisper in the second one’s ear. You can guess what happened to the saying by the time it reached the last kid. “Ice cream has big green pants,” or something similar. By my presentation of this information you’re not getting a direct oral transmission of any 4th Way lineage. To do that you’ll need to join a certified 4th Way organization, and even there you may be getting “big green pants.”

My Goal in this series

Another alternative may be to look for an esoteric master to train you, and to be admitted you will have to sweep his floor for six years and simply put “do what it takes.” My goal in this writing is to act as a step-down transformer to “spark you.”

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Have Fat and Eat it Too!

Eat whatever you want and lose weight?

In the day, I mean the very old days when the earth was covered with ice which Cryospheric researchers–that is ice scientists–tell us is most of the time, and right now we are in an inter glacial period that’s about to end; . . . Brrr! Maybe global warming will solve that problem. But the problem of body fat is another question.


Mom and dad holding gramps.

The Inuit Eskimos were known to live for long periods on low carbs, low protein, and high fat.


In her new book, The Secret Life of Fat, Sylvia Tara dissolves fat, that is, the fat myths that surround human adipose tissue. You see, fat is an organ of the body like the liver or the pancreas. Now, if you ask the average person where their gall bladder is, or their liver for that matter they may look at you suspiciously looking for your stethoscope. They may say, “Dr?!” One thing is for sure, they know where the fat is.


The question is, “What is it saying?” Tara tells us that fat gives us life and by communicating through the body it enhances our brain size, strengthens our bones and immune system. It helps heal wounds and even prolongs our lives. My brain is mostly fat. I realized that a long time ago whenever I ate ice cream and got an “ice cream headache.” Some people have to have a martini or more to fatinize.


Fat Jacked


I put mine in a special educational program at an underground fortress in Antarctica run by aliens who live at the center of the earth. I’m only paying them tuition because they guaranteed they could train my fat to be muscle. When the fat comes back from college, it can still live in its old room; but I’ll give you the skinny right now: It can only come to the table if it learns to enjoy eating healthy foods and not potato chips.

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The Ultimate Orgasm 

would blow Wilhelm Reich’s mind. You remember Reich. He wrote a very memorable book, The Function of the Orgasm. In this revolutionary book he proposed that having sexual discharge was natural, in fact, necessary for enlivened human functioning. Without this discharge, one would fall into depression and neurosis. 

I don’t know about this, I’m not a psychologist or a scientist. I’m just a poor educator much like Mark Twain. Now, I’m back to writing again. As he said, “Rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated.” So before I get too exaggerated, I wanted to do a little piece on Reich.

If you can dig into any of his work, it’s truly amazing. Talk about the new paradigm of solar energy on every rooftop, or free energy for every home! Reich discovered Orgone, the energy behind the Cosmos itself.  The Function of the Orgasm describes Reich’s medical and scientific work on the living organism from his first efforts at the Medical School of the University of Vienna in 1919 to the laboratory experiments in Oslo in 1939 which revealed the existence of a radiating biological energy, orgone energy

Image result for wilhelm reich

Wilhelm Reich

Have More Pleasure

Pleasure is important for everyone to live a human existence. This was one of Reich’s themes. Society was sick because it wasn’t orgasmic. At Wisdomgame we promote entertainment to educate and enlighten.We provide free reports as e-books and PDF’s which are entertaining, educational, and enlightening. Our new publication is HOW TO HAVE THE ULTIMATE ORGASM. You can find out more about The Ultimate Orgasm by clicking here.   Now, there was a song when I was young, I think it was by the singer Jacques Brel, and the words went like this:

Jacques Brel 1963.jpg  “I am I cum, I am. I am I cum, I am.

Jacques Brel


Serious Pleasure

That sounds like an oxymoron or a conundrum, but I suppose that’s only how one looks at it. At wisdomgame, we’re serious about using entertainment to educate and enlighten. This is the century of fake news and conspiracy, but we don’t try to pull the wool over the fact that we want you to join up and get our free reports just because they are a lot of fun. You can join up here.

Don’t Get Twisted!

Our e-books and PDF’s are not for twisted people in Washington D.C. who enjoy a pizza or a hot dog. They’re for everybody and they’re free. We also publish a 180 page writing program designed to bring you Love, Joy, Freedom and Abundance. HERE! A lot of fun–you develop your creative writing skills as you attract the things you want. Now this is a complicated matter, . . . that is . . . the question of what you want verses what you need.

Maybe You Need to Get Twisted!

Orgone really is free energy. It’s prana. It’s chi. I comes in the breath in the air. Check out our free reports. Have serious fun, and get twisted if you want. We want you to be healthy. happy, and sane. You can ask Reich, Brel, or me for that matter. Orgasm are wonderful, good for you, and natural . . . and there is a secret to having the ULTIMATE ORGASM.

Writing Stories is Fun!

Writing a story is a lot of fun.

You can take the reader to a place they’ve never been and while you write the story you might even laugh out loud. A while back when I was living in the Alaskan tundra living on canned peas digging for gold, I got the idea I’d put some experiences down on paper. I collected papers and a few pencils and set my mind to a working and wrote the story of Two Fist Jones. I only knew him for a short time but he really impressed me.

I did laugh out loud several times. 

“The group had gotten into telling dirty jokes and several of the raconteurs boasted the funniest jokes they ever heard. The dog spied.  The cabbage grew ears. Socks knocked themselves off. Everyone laughed and then someone remarked at how beautiful the weather was and how hard the snow and cold had been on the storm victims back in the east of the state. One of them said he’d lived in Wisconsin where they had to deal with snow drifts twenty feet deep and once it got so cold that the dam cracked. A mountain of ice broke through and navigated down the frozen river, slid clear through the town and wiped out the whole population. It was so cold when you blew out, if you weren’t careful your breath would freeze in mid-air, create a vacuum as it fell and suck the last living breath out of you. Least it felt that way.”

You can make up anything when you write.

Oh, for sure Two Fist is real. Me and him used to get together and fight, and usually we’d win. Some of the dudes we beat wished they never crossed our path. Course that was before Two Fist got his arm frozed off that night. Big Billy, Danny Quaid, Indian Jake and me were betting gold coins on who could tell the best story.  Danny told it best.

And you don’t have to lie.

“Two Fist took off his gloves and warmed his hands. “See these fists,” he said. “I knocked men out. Big ones and small ones. I got threw in jail for five years once. The judge said it was unintentional ‘one-punch’ homicide. That was from my bad hand, my left hand. I could kill men with either hand, and I did. Not in the ring but sometimes behind a store, or under a bridge . . . even after a dance. The men would get all around, most betting on some big brute two times bigger-n-me. He’d slug me a bunch of time until he was tired and it looked like self-defense. Then I’d kill him.”

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Kindle short stories of Stephen P. Means. Pub by Wisdomgame

New York Times kudos: A great read.











   Spumoni (from spuma or “foam”), plural spumoni, is a molded Italian ice cream made with layers of different colors and flavors, usually containing candied fruits and nuts. Typically it is of three flavors, with a fruit/nut layer between them. The ice cream layers are often mixed with whipped cream.

If you’ve never eaten spumoni, how are you going to know what it tastes like? Similarly, although in our new kindle e-book you will soon find a written description of the ULTIMATE ORGASM, how are you going to know what it’s like unless you have one? You’re going to have to experiment, get to know yourself, break the routines, do new and have new experiences and new impressions. You must do this if your body is to accumulate enough charge so that the discharge will bring the state of pleasure called the ULTIMATE ORGASM.

 Do you know how really excited you can become? How truly, totally turned on? Did you know you can feel arousal from your toes to your nose, in every nook and cranny of your being?

We make habits and then our habits make us. Why does this matter? It matters because if you are going to have the ULTIMATE ORGASM you need to discover a different way to experience life. With this e-book you will break out of your normal routine and break through to deep, more satisfying, purging and cleansing releases.

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