In the morning I go out to have a cup of coffee.

I do this because I write at home in my office. I’ve got coffee, but getting out gets me going and when I come home it’s like I’m going to work. Anyway, this morning I went to Burger King. What? Well, actually I like it there because it’s quiet and I can read for a few minutes and then come home and work. However, this morning as they are remodeling all the wall paper and pictures and advertisements were ripped off the walls. The stripped down walls were in preparation for a remodel. I broke out laughing.

“I like it!”

I laughed. I wasn’t being cynical. It tickled my funny bone, as if the designer had purposefully used minimal art. It felt like someone insincere comes to your home and says, “I really like what you’ve done with the place.” But actually, I did like it. It made me laugh.

Laughter is one way to react to change. It may really be the only way. Change happens. There’s nothing you can do about it, except laugh. Right?

Wrong? You can make it happen. That’s what Wisdomgame is about. Face facts. Almost everyone is asleep, going about their business in kind of a dream of life. They may wake up momentarily and look back. “Was I dreaming? Did I go to school? What did it mean to work so long at my job? Where am I? Who am I?”

The more you understand yourself the closer you are to waking up. Sometimes when you wake up, you wake up laughing.

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The Protean (changeable) Brain

What You Think Creates Your Reality

What you think about and how you think about those concepts creates the reality around you, but after a certain age a person’s life is pretty much fixed. Everyone is somewhat trapped by circumstance because we adopt habits and then like waifs, like little children, we are taken in and captivated. Our habits have adopted us. Routines seem to keep us imprisoned but actually what we are experiencing are shadows on the wall. Like the prisoner in Plato’s allegory of the cave, we interpret our lives through reflected movements. These chiaroscuros of light and dark which entertain but sometimes depress often keep us from achieving what we want. We just go round and round. We feel we’re stuck and we can’t escape, but these are only shadows. You can escape.

The Shadows of Real Life

Plato writes that Socrates describes humans as living in a in a underground cave, which has a mouth open and light reaches all along the cave; here they have been from their childhood, chained in the dark with the light behind them. They have their legs and necks chained so that they cannot move, and can only see darkness before them, being prevented by their self-created chains from turning round their heads. Above and behind them a fire is blazing at a distance, and between the fire and the prisoners there is a raised way; and you will see, if you look, a low wall built along the way, like the screen which marionette players have in front of them, over which they show the puppets. These puppets are the images we hold of those who surround us.

But what happens when we begin to understand we are only living in the shadows of real life? Socrates goes on to explain that at first, when any of them is liberated and compelled suddenly to stand up and turn his neck round and walk and look towards the light, he will suffer sharp pains; the glare will distress him, and he will be unable to see the realities of which in his former state he had seen the shadows.

That is, when we first begin to understand our real situation it can be painful and perhaps we’ll be confused. However, Socrates goes on to say that now, when you are approaching nearer to being and your eye is turned towards more real existence, you have a clearer vision, but may still be perplexed. You may fancy that the shadows which you formerly saw are truer than the objects which are now shown to you.

Confusion is a Protection

Confusion is not bad. It may often be a protection. You may not like a fog, but if it is hiding you from a man-eating tiger, it is better to have it. Plenty of people create and maintain their own confusion even while imagining they can escape from it. What’s important is to find out what is the cause of confusion and why the confusion is there.  Confusion comes of not paying attention to what should be attended to first. It may be possible that your confusion is because you are not getting what you want. You must be patient with what you want and what you don’t want.



Do We Recur?

Our Lives are Music

Music is singular frequencies put together, that is, juxtaposed so as to create rhythm and melody and which we appreciate as a continuous on-going whole in a song or instrumental. This is natural as instruments themselves are formed as representations of the human body. For instance, a spoon is a replication of the hand which makes dipping water easier. A fork replicates the fingers making eating less messy. Musical instruments are representatives of the vocal cords while the rhythm of beating drums perhaps originated in a native beating its chest. Music is based in time but it is created by individual notes tied together. Isn’t this how people view time and their lives?

Life, moment to moment

like music, is considered somewhat as a time-line from birth to who-knows-what, heaven, hell or perhaps purgatory, and to some that’s it, kapoof! Everyone knows that somewhere between 60 and 100 years is all we get, yet almost everyone appears to be asleep to this. After all, what else can you do but live the hand you’ve been dealt. So if anyone ever wakes up to the truth of their existence they will rationalize it away and go back to sleep, beat their chest and say “I’ll pay the piper when I’m called but right now I want another portion please?!” For most people the rhythm of life overcomes the melody, there is no composer, and almost all instruments gather dust until the curtain drops.

Recurrence is a thought experiment.

It’s a device used to bring you to the always present point of now. The idea is that when you die you don’t go to heaven or hell. What happens is that you are reborn exactly as you were born, exactly with the same parents, exactly in the same time and place. You re-enter time exactly where you entered it before. This happens many, many times until you begin to ponder, cognate, and actually feel the extant now. At this point a subtle change may overcome you. You may see yourself somewhat like Charley Chaplin directing a black and white movie of Charley Chaplin directing a movie. And it’s not funny. Or, you may understand that at any moment you are at a point of choice.

You Choose Your Life

At each instance, right now, you are choosing and creating your life. We hope you choose to discover all your instruments, dust them off, learn to use them and so play beautiful music

We’re here to help. This is Wisdomgame.

Life is like a Pendulum

Life is a gigantic ocean.

Sometimes you’re stuck in the doldrums. Sometimes life is like a hurricane, then other times a breeze is blowing and you’re like a wind-boarder riding high above it all. Attitude is everything. By knowing you can make it through whatever you’re facing right now, you make it through. The sea is not always calm. There are times when the sea is rough and then the boat naturally moves up and down. While the boat is moving downward doesn’t mean that it will sink! It is going down in order that it will go up. Movement is natural.


Never doubt that you’re progressing. If you are stuck without any wind in your sail, then it’s time to rest. Rest is a time to recoup and gather your forces. This is a good time to consider where you want to be and look at your compass.

The swing of life is like a pendulum. Sometimes you’re elated. Sometimes you’re depressed. If you can remember that at the bad points life is headed toward joy you can make it through.

kid swing

Life is an journey and you are the master and commander of your fate. Check out our products. Click on stars below.


The “Elements” of Thinking

As Above So Below

In Hermeticism “above” means the inside world, inside your mind, and “below” means the outside world, the world of the four elements of earth, air fire, water, and earth. This idea is pretty apparent when we speak of someone who is “grounded.” They feel “solid” to us. They are a “rock.” We talk about “air heads” and people who have “stormy” dispositions. Some people have the attributes of water. They are “cold” or have a “chilly” personality. Other’s are like the sun. They “glow” or they have a “fiery” personality.






But it’s not that simple. We are very complicated beings. Thought is greater, vaster, deeper and higher than the brain. The mind is  storehouse of all forms which a person has ever seen and all the thoughts they’ve ever had. The forms of a thought which the mind holds is reflected upon the brain, and made clear to the inner sense. There are visionary people who have conceptions of different colors of thoughts and imaginations and feelings. The color of a thought corresponds with the condition of the mind.


A thought connected with earthly gain, for instance money or property,  is of the earth element. A thought of love and affection represents the water element. One might say it flows or is magnetic. It is spreading out sympathy; a thought of revenge and destruction, hurt and harm represents fire as that element destroys; a thought of enthusiasm, courage, hope and aspiration represents air. To understand yourself, to know who you are, takes a little reflection on the condition of your mind. What element do you present to your friends and family? If you want, you can change that. If you combine fire and air, you can burn with enthusiastic intent.


Your language represents your thoughts. The words you use determine how others respond to you, and this language can be easily read in your face and your form. It is your vibration. What direction are you going with your vibrations? Are you headed higher or lower? Are you moving right or left? Are you sailing or in the doldrums? Whatever direction you’re headed, you can change but you have to want change.

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Ismi Azam

In the Western version of the stories of the Arabian Nights, Scheherazade stays alive night by night by telling tales to the sultan. Every kid knows the story of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves in which Ali Baba learns the secret to open the treasure cave by saying the words, “Open, Sesame.” Later in the story the merchant, Cassim gets stuck inside the cave because he forgets and chants the word “Barley.”


The Arabian Nights are full of archetypes and double meanings. It doesn’t occur to a child and sometimes grownups never understand the real secret of the treasure cave. Sesame in its ground form is a seasoning that comes from the sesame seed, and barley is a cereal grain. The mistake of Cassim hides the error of Ali Baba. The real secret is that “sesame,” is actually “Says Me.”

One stands before the secret of the treasure cave and causes the magical rock to slide open by saying “Open Says Me!” This is the way life works.



The Sufis are an organization of brothers and sisters who have looked deeply at reality. Their goal is a life directed toward the perfection of love, harmony and beauty. They say one comes to understand the mystery of all religions with the single word ‘Ismi Azam.’  Yet, the definition of what is a word is a bit different than our normal thought as Hazrat Inayat Khan says:

“By word is not meant which is audible only to the ears; by word is meant all that is conveyed to you, all that is expressed and comes to you as a revelation.”

Perhaps the word ‘Ismi Azam’ is similar to “Open Sesame.” Not sesame, but says me. Not ‘Ismi Azam,” but ‘It’s Me, I am,’  . . . Or as we have come to know God in our Bible, “I am that I am.”



What is love to you? How does one act with the world to be in harmony? What is beautiful?

When you ask questions like these, you’re playing WISDOMGAME.


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Are Things Getting Better or Worse?


This is a difficult question to answer. In one hand an ISIS soldier checks his iphone and in the other he swings his scimitar to behead a journalist.  Technology gives us instant access to information and links a person to everyone. This is fantastic! However, fighting is constant and the threat of war hangs on the horizon. Technology changes the way we communicate, but does it help people empathize with their fellows, with men and women? Sure, you can link up quick, but if you stop by any Starbucks you’ll notice everyone has their faces glued to their screens. The art of conversation is practically dead. People are walking down the street but their minds are literally in the cloud.

The Matrix is here.

Think not? You’d better be a little more careful. The NSA and the CIA know exactly who you’re talking to, what you’re saying, and where you are. Your very movements are tracked. Your car’s bugged. Your phone’s bugged. Your electric meter and your appliance’s are smarter than you are.

About fifty years ago The Teacher of the twentieth century, Krishnamurti, wrote

. . . “I don’t think most of us realize what is actually going on in the world. We read newspapers, watch television, go to political or religious lectures, but all they give are superficial explanations. But if one can go beyond that, put all that aside and observe rather closely, one can see how man is deteriorating, degenerating. This degeneration takes place when one depends totally on the outer, that is, when matter, the material, has become all important.”

We’re not quite so pessimistic at Wisdomgame.

As a world society we have a lot of gigantic problems. But we can solve them. The way to do this is to understand we’re all in it together. A person is in the world and the world is in the person. We love our neighbor because we are humans just like our neighbors are.

  “Namaste” is spoken with a slight bow and hands pressed together, palms touching and fingers pointing upwards, thumbs close to the chest. This gesture is called Añjali Mudrā or Pranamasana. In Hinduism it means “I bow to the divine in you.”   

















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