In the morning I go out to have a cup of coffee.

I do this because I write at home in my office. I’ve got coffee, but getting out gets me going and when I come home it’s like I’m going to work. Anyway, this morning I went to Burger King. What? Well, actually I like it there because it’s quiet and I can read for a few minutes and then come home and work. However, this morning as they are remodeling all the wall paper and pictures and advertisements were ripped off the walls. The stripped down walls were in preparation for a remodel. I broke out laughing.

“I like it!”

I laughed. I wasn’t being cynical. It tickled my funny bone, as if the designer had purposefully used minimal art. It felt like someone insincere comes to your home and says, “I really like what you’ve done with the place.” But actually, I did like it. It made me laugh.

Laughter is one way to react to change. It may really be the only way. Change happens. There’s nothing you can do about it, except laugh. Right?

Wrong? You can make it happen. That’s what Wisdomgame is about. Face facts. Almost everyone is asleep, going about their business in kind of a dream of life. They may wake up momentarily and look back. “Was I dreaming? Did I go to school? What did it mean to work so long at my job? Where am I? Who am I?”

The more you understand yourself the closer you are to waking up. Sometimes when you wake up, you wake up laughing.

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Who is the Oxymoron?


Is that your brother-in-law?

An oxymoron is a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction, while humor is a process that removes self-imposed limits, and so I’ll relate two personal experiences I had while living in Santa Barbara.

Testing One’s Limits

At the beach I tested how far I could jump. After 3 jumps I landed in the same place. Then I drew a line in the sand and jumped more than a foot farther. On another night I told jokes at a comedy club. It was my first time—a virgin. I told a very funny story but no one laughed. How embarrassing! The next performer went on and on using every ‘dirty’ word and explicative-deleted in the book, he brought the house down. What does this have to do with anything.

Use the Knob

It’s about waking up because we’re all trapped within self-imposed limits. Did you know Freud wrote a book about jokes? In “Jokes and their Relation to the Subconscious, Freud defines a joke as “a playful communication without moral implication whereby an image implanted in the audience’s mind is twisted with utmost brevity to reveal unforeseen consequences, thereby triggering an involuntary reaction”. He goes on to explain that it is even funnier if you can include the word “knob”.

Release Your Pent Up Taboos

The audience at the comedy club was releasing pent up taboos from mom and dad who scolded “no,” every time the kid touched, said, or did something unspeakable. We are all limited by our inculcation, our upbringing. Releasing limits can result in laugher or the ‘ah-hah’ experience. Sufis understand this and lead people to enlightenment through humor.

One Liners to Try On
Horse walks into a bar. “No wheat juice, thanks. It’s my gluten intolerance.”
Horse walks into a bar. “My girlfriend is in love with a mare.”
Horse walks into a bar. Bartender says, “Why the long face?”
Wait, wait! I mean the Bartender says “Why the long knob?”
If your brother in law is an oxymoron, maybe you should show him the door, or at least the knob.

Too serious for you. Start hobnobbing with playing. It’s the only way to work!


How to Use Tarot

Tarot is a strange and awesome tool.

It is a bit difficult to understand because it presents itself on several many levels. First, it is a card game. Second, it’s a means of divination, and third, each card represents or symbolizes if you will, a set of knowledge which has been hidden from general understanding.

As if using a regular deck–

 One-eyed Royals where the jack of spades and jack of hearts (“one-eyed jacks”) and the king of diamonds are drawn in profile–the tarot deck can be used to play any game. With a few minor changes one can play poker or any other game. Takes a little getting used to and maybe altering the rules a bit to give a more simplistic meaning to the cards, but the Tarot can put into different parameters.

But Tarot isn’t simple.

It can be used for divination also. You can take a look at our screwball tarot game right now and determine your future. It’s fun and funny. Check it out by clicking HERE. We’re just having fun. That seems to be what the Tarot cards are all about. Playing cards is basically fun and so is divination. What the cards tell you about your future is an enjoyable prediction into what may or may not happen to you. This all boils down to one particular card:


Justice is your karma.

It’s blind to whimpering or lamenting. Sometime soon after you take action, you get the result of your action. That’s karma. That’s justice. Now, is also linked to another card:


If you’ll excuse the pun:

In life we have to play the cards we’ve been dealt. Some are born rich. Some are born poor. Some say you as a soul picked the life you’re in now to learn the lessons you need to move on as a soul. Seems reasonable. But the Tarot teaches much more.

The Tarot Major Arcana is rooted in the octave system. (3 sets of 8 cards)

There are three octaves in the Major Arcana. (major secrets) Each card in the first octave represents a separate book of secret knowledge. When you have understood and developed the qualities and powers hidden in the first octave, you have a second body with will which is represented by this card:

The Buddhists call the two forces Yin and Yang. Doesn’t matter what you call them, when you are able to control them you become a cosmic traveler. If you’d like to change your future, then

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