What is recurrence?

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What is Recurrence?

    Music is singular frequencies put together, that is, juxtaposed so as to create rhythm and melody and which we appreciate as a continuous on-going whole in a song or instrumental. This is natural as instruments themselves are formed as representations of the human body. For instance, a spoon is a replication of the hand which makes dipping water easier. A fork replicates the fingers making eating less messy. Musical instruments are representatives of the vocal cords while the rhythm of beating drums perhaps originated in a native beating its chest. Music is based in time but it is created by individual notes tied together. Isn’t this how people view time and their lives?

    Life, moment to moment like music, is considered somewhat as a time-line from birth to who-knows-what, heaven, hell or perhaps purgatory, and to some that’s it, kapoof! Everyone knows that somewhere between 60 and 100 years is all we get, yet almost everyone appears to be asleep to this. After all, what else can you do but live the hand you’ve been dealt. So if anyone ever wakes up to the truth of their existence they will rationalize it away and go back to sleep, beat their chest and say “I’ll pay the piper when I’m called but right now I want another portion please?!” For most people the rhythm of life overcomes the melody, there is no composer, and almost all instruments gather dust until the curtain drops.

   Recurrence is a thought experiment. It’s a device used to bring you to the always present point of now. The idea is that when you die you don’t go to heaven or hell. What happens is that you are reborn exactly as you were born, exactly with the same parents, exactly in the same time and place. You re-enter time exactly where you entered it before. This happens many, many times until you begin to ponder, cognate, and actually feel the extant now. At this point a subtle change may overcome you. You may see yourself somewhat like Charley Chaplin directing a black and white movie of Charley Chaplin directing a movie. And it’s not funny. Or, you may understand that at any moment you are at a point of choice. At each instance, right now, you are choosing and creating your life. We hope you choose to discover all your instruments, dust them off, learn to use them and so play beautiful music.

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