How can we change?

Your last judgment. Want to change.?


When you see your life isn’t working too  well and you want to change, why is that so hard? Why is it that we can’t just pick up and go to a new world of our liking?

Here’s what change is like for most people:

The reason why most people can’t change themselves is that as they grow up they are shaped like a clay pot by Mom and Dad and siblings and then fired in the kiln of rejection or acceptance of their peers. And I mean you and me not an intellectualized abstract human who is part of a mass or herd. We all have a subconscious mind that says “Go ahead!” or “Oh no. You can’t change. You can’t do that.”. . . and we keep sleeping thinking we
have consciously made those decisions.

But I’m not really talking about being successful here. What I’m talking about is realizing we’re sleeping in a dream, and finding a way to wake up. And here’s the difficult part. If someone told
you what waking up really was, and showed you a way to wake up . . . when you woke up . . . then actually, you’d still be dreaming.

As close as I can tell you what waking up is, is the discovery that everything is always new. How can we know this? Otherwise, if you think everything is old then life really is a drag. It’s SOS (same old shit) every day after day after boring day. And that really sucks. To wake up a person must momentarily stop living the dream that everything is an exact continuation of yesterday . . . And notice, perhaps, that the sunset is different, the air is fresher, trees have new leaves . . . That things have changed and then understand that change is going on constantly.

Grasping is one of the first motions a baby does. Gathering and holding seems natural to being human. And it seems being
human is also involved in holding on to the past, blaming, not being able to forgive and not being able to move on to a better life. That’s not good.

The guru’s say it is ‘Attachment.’ But if they tell you to be detached, don’t listen. Don’t let anyone tell you anything.
Even me. All I’m saying is it seems like everyone is stuck in a dream, and if you want to discover a different reality you have to . . . well, you don’t ‘have to do anything.’

. . . keep sleeping, it’s your life.

There are techniques to wake up. Here’s one: The next time you’re out and come home, instead of opening the door sneak
around your house until you find an open window, and climb in the window. The change will do you good. Try it, you’ll see. Here’s some more advice: Make sure the authorities don’t see you, especially the Thought Police. “You can only use the door,” They’ll tell you, handcuff you and take you down to the railroad
station to be shipped off to retraining where you’ll learn how to use their ‘key.’

The one Mom and Dad and your brothers and sisters gave you when you were young.

Relax, deeper now, that’s right. At this level of mind you will always do as you’re told. You have the key to a normal life, you will never be dissatisfied again . . . correct?

You may open the window (of your mind) to open the door of your life.

Like the Last Line of a Beautiful Poem

Do Guru's create the dreams of Guru's?



The Fifth Agreement

Don Miguel and Don Jose Ruiz


For many years I was a performing poet in Santa Barbara. My mentor, Walt Hopmans, once took me aside and commented that my poems were really excellent except for the last line. When you write a poem there is often the tendency to add an extra tidbit. . . and this destroys the lingering forcefulness of the poem. For instance:


               Blah blah blah

              She lowered her eyes with a tear.

               Then you add,

              “That proves she loves me.”


   That’s how I feel about Miguel and Jose Ruiz’s  “The Fifth Agreement.”


   Miguel Ruiz’s previous book, “The Forth Agreement” and the companion mastery books are like a beautiful poem. They all seem to fit with astounding simplicity and grace. Then here comes the Fifth Agreement like added line of a poem.

   Now here’s the paradox. The gist of the Fifth Agreement is that we can get rid of the parasite of our mind when we stop judging . . . particularly when we stop judging ourselves. An interesting point the authors expound is the last card of the Tarot deck is the resurrection card. This is often called “The Last Judgment.”  They point out that  when you stop judging people and stop judging yourself this will be your last judgment. Then you will be reborn. Get it: Your Last Judgment.


    So what’s the paradox? How can you write a critical review and not judge, at least a little bit. Okay, I will:


    I loved this book. Buy it and read it for your own good, forget about me


With my head in the clouds

I thought I could see, but I was only dreaming.

. . .  but what a dream!

The Law of Attraction

I got into an unusual discussion today. I was sitting in the sun, doing my flash cards at Borders patio. A very irritating person was shouting swear words into their cell phone, so I moved away to the center of the court where I could sit and do my cards.

A man rode up on a bike with a sleeping bag tied to his bike. He got off with his jacket and his sleeping bag and sat down across from me on an opposite bench. We said a few words of greetings and he asked me what I was doing with my flash cards. I told him I was programming my subconscious mind to further my goals, that I had my goals written on the cards. I said that words were very powerful and also besides my goals I had words such as “Freedom” and “Empowerment” and “Wonderment.”

We went on to deeper levels in the discussion and began to delve into the possibility of attracting your goals to you. He said he believed you had to do something. That is, he stressed you had to do something. That  is, you couldn’t just attract them and they would come. You had to do something. He pointed to his sleeping bag next to him on the bench.

“For instance,” he said, “If I wanted that sleeping bag on the ground I would have to pick it up and put it on the ground. All my attracting in the world is not going to get it off the bench to the ground.”

Well, I made the point that time as we see it is relative and that we create a liner time scope, that the moment is only extant, and that if he left that sleeping bag on the bench in some time it would be gone. He didn’t buy that. He wanted it on the ground by his willing. Anything else, be it a Universal Law of Attraction, or not . . . unless that bag somehow got on the ground without him touching it, he wasn’t going to believe that any Law could get him what he wanted.

I took a stretch and walked over to where he sat on the bench next to his sleeping bag.

“Well, “I said, “You really can’t explain metaphysics with physical principles. You can’t explain quantum mechanics with Newton’s laws.”

Casually, I walked up next to him and the sleeping bag. “It’s funny . . .” I interrupted myself and pointed to his side.

“Look at that!” I cried.

He turned abruptly and stared in that direction. As he focused on what he thought had astounded me, I took his sleeping off the bench and with stealth set it on the ground and jumped back to the other bench and sat down.

He looked at the missing sleeping bag on the bench and then at it on the ground and back at me. His eyes got wide.

“You did that!”

“That’s right,” I said, “I did. That’s the point. Your sleeping bag is on the ground, but you didn’t do anything. You believe you have to do something to get the things you want, so you have to do something to get the things you want.  However, the Law of Attraction is about allowing what you want to happen.


Don Miguel Ruiz: Dream Guide

The Voice of Knowledge

The Universe is filled with light but all we really ever possibly can see is reflected images. This is the dream. We are the dreamer. Who is the most important character in your dream? . . . You are! And who is the most important character in everyone else’s dream? . . . They are! We are all dreamers, dreaming the stories of our lives, creating the future that we move into and acting and interacting with other dreamers dreaming the story of our town, our city, our nation and our Earth.

The voice is your head is the voice of your father and mother, sister, brother and teachers that domesticated you to behave in a “correct” and “orderly” fashion. Here’s some nice words that you can tell this judge when you (he) starts to criticize and bring you down.










Don Miguel Ruiz:

“I discovered that more than %90 of  the concepts I had stored in my mind were based on lies; especially the concepts I believed about myself.” . . .

“You don’t need to make others wrong because you know in their story they are right. In your story, you are right. Then being wrong or right is over, you no longer have to defend what you believe. “

Don Miguel Ruiz: “The Voice of Knowledge”

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