You can attract the opposite sex.


   In this blog I am going to expose myself, that is I mean to say I’m going to tell you  THE SECRET OF SEX. Now, this is not going to be like a lot of off beat “metaphysical” unoriginal claptrap from earlier times which proposes to uncover and explain arcane methods or laws of attraction so you can visualize, emotionalize, and cannibalize some poor unsuspecting innocent of the opposite sex. Not at all. In this blog I am going to show you, no matter how old you are. . . err, wait a minute, you have to be 18 to read this:


           No one allowed to read the follow if under 18!

                (By reading you guarantee you are 18)


THE SECRET OF SEX: When two people of similar mind go at it like some HOT, RABID, MAD dogs at the full moon with testosterone hormone driven froth-in-the mouth lust filled eyes that drip languid tears with no remorse . . .  there is humping and pumping, grunts and screams and like the giant in Moby Dick “The Sperm Whale rise up all fantail and she squirts!” so that at that moment, at the center of the Cosmic eye of the Universe all Hell breaks loose and Angles and Demons alike either look bug-eyed or turn their faces away and blush red while some of them probably even peek a little and involuntarily their hands go you know where, but you’d better not tell anyone . . . because that is a secret!

        THE SECRET: At that very moment if both of you hold in your mind’s eye what you want to achieve, get paid, produce, manifest, attract, repel, infect, get, have, equal, whatever . . . and if it’s a love child, even better . . . YOU ARE GOING TO GET IT.  And I mean BIG TIME!

But that’s not easy to do,  because your mind is between your legs. It’s hot there. Very very hot. Too too hot!  . . .  and you want release from all the mundane BS you went through just to end up like this wanting more, and baby you have got to have it, not later.  Right Now! . . .

Then . . . Oh Boy! Here it  comes and Whoopee! Want more! I want to do it some more! I want more!  . . . Where was I? Oh, yeah. Hold whatever you want in your mind’s eye at the moment of coming and it does come. The secret exposed. 

 We are all made from SEX! THAT’S THE SECRET.