The Art of Fascination

How to Fascinate the Opposite Sex

Light at the beginning

The art of fascination is a fantastic and wonderful art. It is something you learn to do, and when you eventually master it you will have changed carbon to diamond. Through this firing process your rough elements will shine and glisten. This diamond shines so fine and so bright that those who view it may be hypnotized. So with your new abilities comes the prerequisite of responsibility. You must approach each new situation from a positive standpoint. To attempt to ‘get over’ the other person so as to ‘have your way’ will be the signal which will immediately denude you of all your powers. Not unlike the toll of the midnight bell in your beloved story of Cinderella, the spell will be broken. Any attempt to force anyone to do your bidding will automatically strip you of your powers. You will discover in the following lessons that the power to fascinate comes from the genuine desire to light a fire in another person, to both be their shinning light and to let them shine. You can’t do this if you have ulterior motives.


Karma is a Sanskrit word which means comeback.

Sooner or later, your words and deeds return to you.

Life is your teacher and what you learn in your relationships are your lessons. Learn to take experiences in life as teaching lessons. This is Karma. 

As an expert in fascination, if you violate the trust of another your karma will be instant. The degree to which you use your magic powers for personal gain is equated to the degree of failure which will eventually develop. The true artists of fascination are those who cast a note tuned to the person. This melody entertains both parties.There is an old saying that goes something like this, “If you can’t blind them with brilliance, then baffle them with bologna.

 Meaning, of course, it is easily possible to confuse another person with verbalization when you couldn’t succeed with innuendo, association, gesture and the unique art of fascination.

You can say you are the king of the hill, drive a two hundred and forty thousand horse power so and so, and your bank book is so big you can’t carry it around. However, you won’t get very far with that approach. In this lesson plan,

The Art of Fascination©,

We are not dealing with baffling. All thoughts of insincerity must be dropped right now. You see, this is a fantastic art. It takes time and effort to learn it, and when you become an artist you are very powerful.

This course is a way of manipulating the world to supply you with what you need. It makes your life more interesting and more exciting, and you do the same for the person you are fascinating!

The object of this course is to make your world more interesting, more exciting, and to spread that fascination to those around you. The art of fascinating is a very deep art, and the more you learn, the deeper it gets.As you develop this art, which is your ability to fascinate, you will see the person or the people you are dealing with are like a window with its curtains almost drawn. The more fascinated they become, the more the curtain opens. You see more. As they become fascinated, you are able to see into and through them to vistas quite unimaginable. You laugh, you cry, you jump for joy as they do. As you fascinate them, they fascinate you. Your life and their lives become more and more fascinating.


Every human owes their existence to the act of sexual intercourse.Some of you may be using these lessons to learn to fascinate the opposite sex. This is good. This works. But you can also use these lessons in a general way. Once you learn and practice the lessons so they become second nature you will fascinate your banker, your plumber, your pool cleaner, your waitress, the TV producer, wife or husband, or mom and pop. Doesn’t matter who it is, the rules apply to everyone.Life is a series of relationships. Now, if you were alone on the moon you could use these exercises to fascinate yourself. But you’re not on the moon, you live in a vital vibrating world of people and you need to know how to move through doors without resistance. You need to be able to get what you want. If you use this manual to learn how to fascinate the opposite sex, I applaud you. I admire and congratulate you. What you have to remember is that the way we view the opposite sex is somewhat like a hall of mirrors.In a theme park they sometimes have a fun house called the hall of mirrors. There is a maze with mirrors that block your passage so that as you move you bump into clear glass and mirrors as you try to make your way. That is, you bump into a reflection of yourself. Using your personal concept of what will fascinate the opposite sex is somewhat similar to being in a hall of mirrors. For instance, men generally have the idea that women are emotional, that is, more emotional than are men. In truth, women project this image while they may be stone cold serious. Men project a serious side, while in fact, inside they may be in great turmoil.

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