The Mysterious Metaphor: “What’s it like?”


pine bough represents life


Being Born

We are all born from the sex act in which over 200,000 sperm cells swim furiously to fertilize one or more eggs and only one of those sperm cells is successful. Just because we are alive, because we were born, we’re special. We’re champions!

 But the mystery of life is much deeper than that.What’s so Mysterious?

Communication is one of the most mysterious aspects of living. Here we have a concept in our minds — let’s say you want to speak to a friend about your new toy — and you compress air, open your mouth and make vibrations. Somehow your friend receives the vibration in their ears, the nerves relay the energy to the brain, and a picture/thought is created that represents your toy. This is very mysterious, isn’t it?

Agree? No? How about changing the word above from ‘toy’ to ‘wisdom.’ (Click here.)Wisdom is usable knowledge gained through experience, but how do you communicate that experience to another person. The concept they form in their mind may be entirely different than the one you are expressing.

 You can use ‘Metaphor.’The Mysterious Metaphor

‘Metaphor’ is a Latin word. The definition that makes the most sense to us here at Wisdomgame is that ‘Meta’ means beyond — as in Metaphysics (beyond physics) and ‘phor’ means talking or sound. So ‘metaphor’ would mean beyond talking. A metaphor is a representation, or a likeness.

For instance, your husband has a nose like a banana, or your wife looks like an elephant. A metaphor creates a picture in our minds that is beyond the simple sounds we are projecting. If you know Latin you certainly are pretty smart because almost all of our English words come from Latin.


Idiom vs Anachronism

The industrail world wants to know. Is it an idiom or an anachronism?

Hold it. I forgot the "Linch Pin"!

An idiom is a form of language particular to a community and it is also a particular structural form of the English lanuage. For instance, it might be idiomatic to say “A rose is a rose is a rose.”

On the other hand, an anachronism is a person or place that is chronologically out of place. For instance, when we say “Wait a minute, hold your horses;” this is an anachronism because today almost no one has a horse drawn cart. Likewise, even when we say “Give me some ‘bread.'” This is an anachronism. The early Egyptian farmers traded in bread, but we don’t. Maybe another is “Don’t go off, ‘half-cocked!'” This one’s debatable what with all the violence today.

Anyway. . .  You can play games with words at Wisdomgame.

Are Dreams messages from the Stars?


You unconscious mind has many mansions

The stars know all!

The stars know all! Or do they? At least one thing we do know is that our unconscious mind is full of . . . it! I mean full of dreams.  

“What you don’t know won’t hurt you.” A lot of people say this, but maybe they don’t know that they have dreams every night.  

An interesting speculation is that when you wake up there is a deep chasm before you. . . sort of a darkness you have to pass through before you wake up. In that chasm all your dreams are erased from your memory.  

If you dare, try this tomorrow morning: jump over the darkness and remember your dreams.  

Or you can click here to play our neat little wisdom game.


You can attract the opposite sex.

How do you attract the opposite sex? CLICK ON MAGNETS.

   It was a dark and stormy night within my soul. I’d had a lot of friends and a lot of different relationships, and some of the people I knew weren’t very happy. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t very happy. . .  Either I didn’t have anyone, or I wasn’t with the person I really wanted to be with. This seemed to be the complaint of a lot of my friends. For meeting new friends, they didn’t like the internet, and the local places to meet either didn’t exist or they seemed brutal. Was this a problem with me and my friends or was this a general problem in our society? Was cupid alive and well or was the concept of a loving relationship dead?

   I decided I would meditate on the problem, and this started a long train of thought. As I pulled out of the station of my discontent, I thought about all the women and men I’d known and all the different relationships that had developed and I thought there must be a key I was either overlooking or I was looking at the problem from an estranged angle; or, at least, something wasn’t quite right in my mind’s eye when I considered attracting the opposite sex and why so many people were unhappy. Some mystical key was missing. There had to be a key to unlocking the loneliness which I’d been experiencing for sometime.

   Oh, I’d read all the literature on attraction. In fact, I was an expert on all the secrets . . . and to tell you the truth I thought they were a load of ‘BS.’ (Bad secrets, that is.) I’d taken the problem deep into my subconscious mind. In fact, I’d programmed myself with hypnotic suggestions, done visualizations, repeated affirmations, and rewired my neural linguistic programs up the yin yang. Yet, I was blue in the face from holding my breath, because I didn’t have a million bucks and no one I cared about showed up to give me a kiss and a hug and lay down with me.

    I really did a lot to correct my relationships. In fact, in my mind’s eye, I reviewed every relationship I ever had. I visualized every person I’d had sex with and I apologized to them for not caring enough, for not loving them as well as I could have. You ought to try this sometime. It takes a little work, but once you get going it can be fun, but also a bit agonizing. Eventually, if you keep at it, you will clear out a lot of stale feelings and that lets you move on to new relationships without any old feelings hanging on.

   But still I sat alone on this particular night, with no one to love and hold and what seemed like a dreadful life. I thought a lot about my plans and the needs I had. Perhaps the life I really wanted to create, I was really creating. Maybe all I wanted was to be alone. Friends told me, “Everyone needs someone. No one wants to be alone.” . . . but is that true?

   It’s a moot question. You do want someone, or you don’t, but if you do . . . you certainly know you do. So, I was feeling quite alone. It was a dark and lonely night in my soul and I cleared out all those old thoughts and my mind became very silent. I drifted into a deep mediation . . . into a deep silence where there was no me and no outside. In fact, my mind was perfectly clear and empty. Then it happened.

   I started to speak in a strange voice which I’d never heard, and I certainly never had spoken like that before. This strange deep voice came out of my thoughts and spoke in my throat distinctly and elegantly. Each word seemed to be formed with precision and from deep thought, which could not have been from my mind.

   In fact, I swallowed and spoke in my own voice. “Who are you?” I asked.

   “Irama Magamafluruch.”

   “What?!” I asked.

   “What?” the voice replied.

   “Who are you?” I asked.

   “I am Magna.”


   “I’m Magna. I am Magna Flux!”

   “You don’t have to shout,” I relied. “I can hear you.”

   “Good. This is very important.”

   “Do you mind if I record this?” I asked the voice.

   “Good. Very Good. This is very important.”

   So I turned on my digital and recorded every word. The following is a complete transcription of those words. Believe it or not . . .


You can attract the opposite sex.

How do you attract the opposite sex?

                                     MAGNA FLUX


   In the sphere of Lore in the Universe before the great One and even before the gods of Olympus, in the nimbus beyond the beyond there existed something. No name could be given me, because to name is to limit. I was and am limitless and am the source of all. The mighty macro movements of all cosmos, universes, and suns link to the micro-sphere of circulating protons and electrons through my expediential force. No thing moves or traverses an orbit without my help. Energy circulates by my providence. I am the dynamic force behind all. In humans I am called attraction.

   When I am experienced, a trace remains and becomes a building force and opens the window looking in to the window looking out. This force, this power of attraction, of fascination, comes and goes in a flux. It can only be described by the metaphor that it is like nothing you have ever experienced.

                                    I am Magna Flux.

Abraham Speaks! You’d better listen. Or Else!

Abraham is the logos of your dreams

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 The “Abraham” work by the Hicks is interesting and tremendously tempting. The thought is very similar to the “Seth” work and commercialized by “The Secret.” You can have anything you want if you change your thoughts about your reality. 

To make a long story short, here’s the gist of what Mrs Hicks, the channel, says when Abraham speaks:

1. Focus your thoughts. When you focus thoughts they send a “rocktet” of desire into the cosmic soup called “God,” or whatever you want to call it.  

2. Your desires and beliefs must be a vibrational match in order to receive your desires.  That is to say, you can’t want a million dollars with a penny of desire.

3. Practice attention. Powerful beliefs will be played out.

4. Align source with well being.  In other words . . . believe you’re going to feel good, feel good, and you feel good!

5. As long as you are more aware of what you don’t want regarding a situation, what you do want cannot come to you. This is the self-fullfilling prophesey. Believe it will come true and it does. Believe it won’t and it won’t.

Is this all true? What do you think.

Where is Edgar Casey when you need him?


Real Magic . . . ?

Is Franz Bardon the Hierphant?

Click on this image to learn more about Franz Bardon

Click on this image to learn more about Franz Bardon

What is real magic?

Isn’t real magic creating something or some effect out of thin air. That is to say, real magic is opposed to what is called “prestidigitization” which is the manipulation of existing conditions to make things or effects only appear to change. True magic is not stage magic. Many people believe in real magic. Some don’t. What do you believe? Hermes three times great, the great Egyptian mystic, is the namesake of Hermeticism. You may have come across the term “hermetically sealed,” which is often used in refrigeration to mean completely closed from any air coming in. In the study of magic,”Hermetically” means to have your emotions sealed. . . not to be affected by the outside tide of circumstances. In this state, creating something or some effect out of thin air, out of nothing, is possible.